What You Need To Make Your Team Building Activities Successful


Team building activities have been used over the years to help employees or any group of people know each other better. However, there are many things that can determine the success of any activity. Here is what you need to know if you are planning a team building activity.

  1. Trust – If any activity is to be successful, all the participants must be prepared to let down their guards and engage honestly with each other. That’s why trust is very crucial. All the participants should trust the environment, the team building facilitator and also each other thus trusting the entire process.
  2. Collaboration – It is a collaborative process where all the members should be on the same page. Also, all the participants should be prepared to commit to the entire process. The facilitator should prioritize cooperative engagement with all the members and assure the right command of all the roles and responsibilities for the best results. These might include decision-making, group norms, problem-solving and much more.
  3. Willingness – Team building is one of the best ways to create new relationships in the workplace by creating a solid foundation to drive the best results. However, all the participants should be prepared and willing to create those relationships out of their own volition. It would defeat the purpose if the leaders and peers forced people to create teams.
  4. Feelings Of Being Connected – There are so many activities that can be used in a team building event to create togetherness. However, they can only be successful if you can laugh at the absurd moments and actually learn to let go of the content altogether. The content is useful for prompting conversation, vulnerability and connection. Basically, a team building activity will be successful if you get your employees together and allow them to feel something for each other.
  5. Having Fun – Team building is essential to bring people together but you need to incorporate the element of fun. If people are not having fun, there will not be a chance for the team to bond and grow from it. Make sure you choose an activity that brings a lot of fun for all the people involved.
  6. Equality – You need to remove the ego from any team building event and forget all the titles but rather be a team player throughout for the best results.

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