Jul 5, 2018

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WordPress Web Design Trends

WordPress Web Design Trends

Last year was a great year for WordPress despite having issues regarding security breaches and branding gone wrong. Nonetheless, it was a great year since these things cannot be avoided given that there are a hundred websites that exist altogether. WordPress is constantly doing their best to make sure performance and security is in check. WordPress also ensures that web designs are on top of their priority list to provide a better online experience for their customers.

We all know web design matters especially in business because that’s how you’ll attract customers. They will know about your product and service through your website. This is the reason why web designers are always updating their knowledge on web design to make sure they keep themselves abreast on the latest web design trends. This is very important so you can leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Wordpress Web Design Trends

It’s also important to study the trends of previous years so you can adapt the good features and get rid of the bad ones. So far, the most popular web design trend involves colorful and adventurous palettes. Web designers are aware of colour psychology as it can dramatically enhance your web design. Don’t be afraid to play with colors as this catches the eye.

Another trend that’s hot this year is rebellious typography. It has been said that this year will involve a major typography transformation. The old font styles aren’t going anywhere but you will see changes in your header text. In case you’re not aware, font styles matter a lot and it’s probably the second thing your customers will notice next to your website’s colour palette.

This year’s trend involves hand-drawn graphic designs. The handwritten fonts found in several websites give your website a friendly and more personal feel. This also shows that behind the brand name is a real person, a person that your customers can connect with.

Web designers have to be aware of the latest web design trends so they can provide their customers with the best service, service that is not obsolete.